Honda CB400f part 10

March 2004:
Another time to work on the bike. With all the wet weather outside, I'm glad the bike is still far from being finished. It would be a waste of all the polishing to go out for a ride. With this one, the other bikes still roll on their rubbers!

We have ordered gaskets for the carburators, it was recommended to replace and check everything. The contacts and coils for the ignition have been replaced, next is timing them. We did some work on the electrical parts, checked all lamps. Bought two rear blinkers and found out the brake light is probably a tractor blinker.

In Ell we have found a perfect parts shop. I only wanted two blinkers for the bike, but they turned out to have about a million of these. Also important: new handles!

Design for the seat lock Working on the measurements
The brackets for the rear blinkers were damaged. Lucky enough they are made from steel, a hammer placed them into the right position again... (picture when painted see under). The lock holder was finished in April, as were the blinker braces.
New stuff  
The lock holder... finished This holds the blinker now... matt black!