Honda CB400f part 15
July 2005:
Summer holiday has arrived. Not for us, we are working hard. Many days have been put in the bike to finally make it work. A lot needed to be done.

The wiring needed some final attention and it should all come together nice in the headlight. Also some brackets and bits were powdercoated together with Don's DR600. We forgot about those parts earlier. The seat was a bit rusty so we cleaned that up and painted it black again. The secundary chain needed to be fixed tight, the exhaust system was added.

Of course it didn't start at once. The ignition coils were changed and it ran! After that we synchronised the carbs and went out. Later on we found out that the battery wasn't charged. The regulator was beyond repair and was replaced.
working outside last powdercoated bits
fixing wiring... and the headlight (will it fit?)
repairing seat no more rust!!!
a jump ahead! in the kitchen (it rains outside)
starting on the exhaust system rewinding the speedometer to 51000 km
exhaust added! what a pretty sight!
filling & cleaning up the tank Almost done...
looking proud! ready to start