Honda CB400f part 16
April 2006:
After half a year of driving, the bike was put to rest for the winter. The rear shocks were original Honda and drove terrible. It sways in corners and adjusts itself in any particular order. Really anoying. So I came across two Koni's from the late '70 that originally were for a Suzuki GS750. No problem, a spacer between the lower fork and the original Honda spring rubber was mounted in the upper hole for mounting on the frame. It is a lot sturdier!

No test results yet, I still need to rewind the boltholes for the lower carter. Also an original chainguard was bought and it looks better! The old black one was from another unknown motorcycle and now serves on the Hond!

added waxcoating to exclude rust original (left) and the good Koni's
Still looking good! detail shot of the new parts