Honda CB400f part 17
May 2006:
Some more riding and changing oil the suprise was that one screw in the carter didn't hold anymore. A helicoils is needed now to keep most oil in the carter. I have found another leak at the gear lever, but it only sweats a little. I will change that gasket later.

Also the GS750 Koni's are much too heavy for the bike. It rides a bit like a hardtail now, so I am looking for replacements.

Also the front tyre that was mounted by a bikeshop in Best appeared to be much too wide and scraped on the fender. That, and the lack of noticing the wheel had a tiny height dent had me suprised. I went to Haan Wheels where I had the wheel respoked and to anoter tyre-center for a BT-45 and it rides excellent this time!
the winding didn't stick to the bike professional height to work under
heli-stuff at work looking at a good winding again

In September the front wheel was respoked and re-rubbered due to bad advice earlier by a bikeshop. Good thing is that the RVS spokes on the front wheel match those of the rear. And the better handling with the smaller BT45 is impressive.
my newest tools...  
Continental Super Twin 100/90-19 sigh...
RVS Spokes and BT45 90/90-19  Yup, this is the real difference