Honda CB400f part 2

Working on examining the different parts of the bike we started on polishing the worn aluminum for starters. We also did a lot of cleaning and started collecting books about the bike such as a parts book and a garage manual. These two books already are comforting knowing that you've got them.

We thought it would be best to start with working on the frame so whenever we start with rebuilding and revising the engine we can put it in there. That way we don't have to worry about having loose parts everywhere no more. Examining the frame we found out that it is rusty and has bad welds that need to be replaced, especially at the point of the jiffy. You can see that the old weld (left) has been made by a blindfolded schoolboy and the right one by Tim.

Next station is to repair the steering head as it has no round but oval appearance. Also the center stand still needs to get loose with some violence. Then the frame will be sandblasted and gets a (probably) black powdercoating again.

The frame, rear fork, centrestand, jiffy, airbox and all those parts have been brought to the sandblaster and powdercoater to get a fresh new black layer. This was the first of July and the 8th everything was collected again. Pictures are coming up.

We can now start putting the bike together again. First of all assembling the wheels and forks, this way it stands, and we do not have to pick up the frame to move it, we can ride it through the house.