Honda CB400f part 5

One night we (Jessica and Bart) were at Tim's brother Don and we saw him busy with trying to fit the pistons into the cilinder. It didn't seem to be hard to do. We went home after a while and whilst sipping on coffee I got the idea to break open the engine to look for whatever and at least to have done something that night.

It was a great idea. a fun night, do something that you never did before, and come across things that have been stuck in there for over 20 years... we found out one of the pistons was overheated and partly melted away (see picture). All other things seem to be intact, we still have to measure them.
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March 2003:
So, there we went. working on the damn' thing many hours already. It all looked o.k. but... The broken piston resulted in having to purchase four new ones and have the cilinder refined. Also it appeared that the crankshaft was out of balance. So we bought another one. Due to that, we had to replace all crankshaft bearings (5 x 2 x 7,40 Euro!).

So, we have got all the parts needed now to rebuild the engine. That's what we're working on at this moment. My guess is another two weeks before it's re-build.