Honda CB400f part 6

April 2003:
In my opinion I'm a bit slow with rebuilding this bike. Thing is that there have been many disappiontments in parts. Everytime something of the engine was removed or inspected, it seemed to either have been hit with a hammer or that in the 20 odd years there was no refil of oil ever.

Everything was worn. The first week of April I got as far that the crankshaft had been put in the upper crankcase together with the gear axles. Then it was time to wait for the camshaftchaintensioner (let's go scrabble!) and an oil seal for the first gear axle. Then the real building can start and the engine will be mounted soon.

April 24: Due to the lack of seals together with waiting for the new(er) piston-axl and circlips work is to be done at the CB900F. It needs some maintenance, tuning (perhaps K&N), a brake-revision and in general attention.

These are some pictures that were made during the April days...
cil_seal-s.jpg (10963 bytes) piston-s.jpg (10805 bytes)
This is the honed cilinder with almost all new seals. Not all seals, of course. That would be too much pleasure at once. That is why there is no further completion of the engine. We miss the four rubber seals at the of this cilinder. Here are the new pistons. On the right. Left is the old one that was worn most, it has been transfered into a trophy now. Beneath the pistons are the screws for the valve head, both old and new. The old ones were not all broken, so there needs some polishing to be done...
eng2704.jpg (15718 bytes) This is what the engine looks like, April 27th. The cilinder fits, but is not tightened yet. Now it's waiting for the piston axles and circlips and the seals of the cilinder.
bike2704.jpg (13971 bytes) front2704.jpg (15359 bytes)
What do you think about this bike? We are very fond of the front fender, a piece of art with very little damage for it's age. And it's real shiney, too.