Honda CB400f part 7

May 2003:
The difficulties that we have encountered in April are now solved. We have put in as many new parts as possible. And, other great news is that finally the biggest part of the engine is now mounted into the frame. This was sunday May 11th.

We started on saturday with putting together the pistons with the big ends. With the new piston axles and circlips this job was actually not that hard at all. It's just that all the Japanese parts are so small that it's hard to get a good grip on.

The days before, April 30 to be precise, Jessica's dad helped out a lot by examing the two old wirings we had and put them into one good wire. That, within a day's time. Thanks!
Upper picture shows the pistons mounted, and the cilinder waiting eagerly to finally get back on top of the crankcase. Here it is... It's time for me to mount the engine. This is now an easy job, there's not too much weight in it yet.
Now it's just a matter of putting more things together. Valves are up to clean and scrape, here and there a couple of new bolts and we're up and running?

Aside is the new wiring...