Yamaha FZR-R6

June 2007:
In June most of the big parts of the bike were mounted and we began fitting the fiddly stuff. Aligning the fairings, rear fender, tank etc, it all takes a lot of time!


The rear end, now with the farings mounted.

The 180 wide tire makes a big difference compared to the old 140 wide.
The overview of the bike, with the tank, rear fairings and chain mounted. Grinding off the footpegs since they didn't fit with the new installed swing-arm.
The shifting mechanism in working order, looks clean!

The exhaust muffler didn't line up correctly, that will need fixing!
Mounting the upper fairing stay There is little room for error...
really close... probably too close Installing the wiring loom
Packing up the FZR for a trip to the exhaust benders. Going to superpole so they can alling the headers & muffler
You'll need an allwheeldrive to tow that bike...