Yamaha FZR-R6

October 2007:
After a nice summmer holliday in Italy i made my first big testride, in the mean time i put qabout 1000 km's on the bike and it was time for a serious engine test.. Reving till 12.500 rpm!
And when I opened up the throttle past 8.000 rpm the sprocket snapped. At first I thought I busted the engine, but luckely it was only the sprocket.
Disassembling the sprocket without removing the side fairings. Bubbleplastic, a great tool for protecting your farings..
Loosening the retairner lips of the sprocket nut. A nice job...
Is it broken, yes it's really broken. Rewelded the sprocket by an real welder.

Here are the power specs... This bike was tested and results are compared to a Thundercat whith a race exhaust system and K&N Air filter & Dynojet stage 3.

Maximum power output 107 BHP at the rear wheel, the clutch was slipping on this run that's why there are some imperfections at 5K and 10K rpm.

The standard output of an FZR600 is about 78 BHP, so 107 BHP is a gain of 37 percent!!

I tested the bike on the German autobahn and peaked real 242 KM/H.