CBX project part one

Untill December 2002:

When neighbour Bob wanted some more space in his garage, Pascal took the option and challenge to take care of Balou. The increased space in Bob's garage resulted into less space in Bart's garage. After already quite a few hours of work the brown bear is lighter and also aware of its limits in riding. And we were, too!

During the last week of December 2002 we started tearing apart the whole thing. In just an afternoon we got really far! It was time, the bike really was showing signs of wear and to be honoust, it was built in 1979 and never been taken apart for good attention. The last years only a few times on good and sunny days it went for a ride and that's it.

We know it was terrible, but all lights used to work as blinkers and as brake lights as well... What a show!