CBX project part three

And here is January 2008. The CBX lives again. Pascals could not wait any longer and really was looking forward to ride the beast again. He had somebody taken care of the machine and during 2007 bought many new parts and totally revised the engine. Optic changes are not that much, but when you look close there are plenty.
New things are headlight plus mounting, this used to be a full fairing. Also the 3-in-1 exhausts are new. They are standard mufflers but 6 cilinders produce a beautiful sound.

The seat has been renewed, a CB750F top triple-tee and steer was mounted. And of course everything has been cleaned and polished.
Here a detail shot of the headlight. You can check out the old style here on the "Part One" page.

Just a few differences!
The new mufflers and the new mudguard look good.
A good sight of the CB750F handle bar setup.
Choice for these sidemounted luggage carriers is easy... You can ship more than most family cars!
Big brown Balou is happy to be on the road again. Pascal makes sure it will expierence enough!