Antwan's ZZR-1100 shrine

His main hobby is collecting driving experience in all the ZZR-1100 types that have been released. According to his own words, you could be worse off.

The first one on the rightwas stolen. The assholes took it from the shed and dragged it for over a kilometer. The marks were there the next day. He was only able to enjoy it for about a year.

The red one, the second try was also quite a nice one. Some small extra's were put on like a little rack for a bag. Not a year later at a roundabout some transport capsule driver decided he got right of way. Antwan decided it was better to stop right there and then with the left side on the asphalt. This picture only shows the minor scratches.

Here it is, black and better. Finally the sound we were all looking for (nice open exhaust). With the all-black looks a real monster on the road, since June 2004.