Honda CB400f

This bike has been purchased mid March '02 by us, Jessica and Bart. We have completely revised the whole basket case into a fully working awesome ride. The idea was to restore it as much as possible in it's orininal state, and we have met that goal quite well.

Most of the bike has been disensembled, and the parts that weren't were broken. This is a photo album of the project with some notes on what has been done. Since we do not own a garage, a bedroom has been transformed into a motor garage. This resulted into finally having oil creep inside the house...

The bike ran for the first time on the July 29 2005, Check out the pictures to find out about the different stages of the bike:

Part One Part Two Part Three
Part Four Part Five Part Six
Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine
Part Ten Part Eleven Part Twelve
Part Thirteen Part Fourteen  
Part Fifteen: finished!

We have completed this motorcycle mainly by the two of us. But we also had much help from the following: Don, Tim, Jan Huisman, Jos van Vessem, Tonny, Brian, Kim and Peter. Thanks all, we appreciate your patience!

Continueing maintenance on the bike...  

This is what we had for reference, along with a couple of manuals: