Bart's Honda CB900F Bol D'or

Bought in December 1999, since then several changes were needed (and others still are). The bike is a 1981 model, it has been imported in 1982 from Germany. Over the years the bike has been painted black, a Laser K2 4-in-1 exhaust system has been put on and little blinkers have been added. They are there for fun, only one still works. In June 2000 the engine has been totally revised due to a major scratch in the 1st cilinder. After examination it appeared that many internal parts had severe damage and needed to be replaced. This Hond (I got rid of the "a") rides like never before. These pictures have been made in October 2000.

hond-m.jpg (28848 bytes)

hond2-m.jpg (28877 bytes)

hond4-m.jpg (32723 bytes)

hond3-m.jpg (25515 bytes)

In 2003 the big change was to replace the airfilter by K&N filters and adding a Dynojet kit and testdriving it on a rollerbench where it produced 85 BHP. Look at the tuning pictures here.
In 2004 another improvement is revising the front part of the bike. The brakes really needed revision, they were a hazard. I bought VF1000F wheels, nice black ones! Look at the revision here.
A pic of "the dog". (March 2005)
A few years ago some ugly scooter drove into my bike while I was on it. I kept the bike up, but a lotwas damaged. Everything has been repaired since but the front fender. So here's my homemade piece, nice and round. I wanted it so ground water wont reach my helmet again. I already have another fender in stock, but it's still red.
This is a headlight from a Suzuki SV650, but it fits better on my Hond, and after 5 years of hazardous dark driving I can see again. I have seen the light!

Now I'm looking for blinkers with M8 thread to fit on the headlight.