Honda CB900F Brake Revision

Another excuse for some wrenching days: revising the brakes. It has been quite a few years since I renewed the brake fluid. Reason for this was that the hoses were still original, and I didn't use them that often. Who needs brakes???

The first few months of this year, 2004, I really didn't want anybody else to even try to ride the Dog, because the brakes were really bad. I got a cramped hand and sweat in my helmet whenever I really needed to brake. Ok, it wasn't that often, but still... Time for a revision.

Last year at Fighterama (Rheinberg) I bought steel braided Spiegler brake hoses to fit the bike. Together with completely cleaning the front two calipers and installing the front wheel of a VF1000 and the master cylinder of a Yamaha FZR600 this Dog could stop for anything again.

 Revising and polishing everything 18 inch instead of 19... and black!
The horns are really LOUD now A first look
Changing brakepads and wheel Steady in the stable
 The old ones were very worn Here's the new master cylinder
. .
The total picture, much better!  .