Honda CB900F Tuning Session

The dog needed a good tuning this year. It had been a long time since it ran good. Installing the K&N filters June 14 2003 started trouble. To begin with, the air intake was increased enough to let it run bad. From there I started screwing around with the main jets. After a month I stopped and went on holiday. The dog ran allright, but had a major problem going over the 7000 RPM. and above 160 km/h.

Next chapter. After getting in touch Ritzen motors in Weert, I made the appointment for a tuning session. Wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Starting the first run with 63 bhp really didn't give me a jolly feeling. It appeared that in the higher RPM levels there wasn't enough power. The battery had two out of six dead cells. This was the result of a poor charge system. Because contacts were corroded and settings were wrong. After this we also found out that one of the two ignition modules gave wrong pulses in high RPM areas.

After a good day working on the hond we gained 15 bhp on the rear wheel. When I replace the ignition modules for better ones, Ritzen and I expect the hond to have well over 80 bhp.

 what a space without the airbox! Now that is a pretty clean machine.
Looks are good, performance not yet. Tuning and repairing.
 All electrics are examined.  The drive.
 The results.
. Here are the famous oki ignition modules, old and new(er) on the left. After installing the new ones I really noticed differences in power above the 7500 RPM. So that's fixed!