Honda CB900F engine replacement

This year I encountered just a little bit of more than sweating on the cilinder head. Unfortunately my patience does not collide with timing or planning too much so after the 9th Pilki Search I decided to replace the gasket of the cilinder head. The motor self was running sweet and the exhaust just had a new finish. But that one didn't last too long as well before it started rusting. This is warranty, so no problem there.

But taking the engine apart I found out that without removing it from the frame it couldn't be done. So after removal the head was chopped off and we reached down and found out that the pistons were totally covered with carbon. Since I bought a complete set of gaskets the cilinder was removed to control the pistons, piston and piston rings as well.

Of course after 50.000 km on my side and a few on somebody elses (before I had a second hand revision) it could be expected that the engine was ready for some new parts. But I decided that a month before the holiday this is not a good choice. So I went looking for a donor engine. It became a bike.

 Stripping the "original" engine A spare frame that holds some parts
My stripped bike... not the way I like it... One of the dirty pistons
 Scraping the pistons just to see what happened Other than dirty it is OK
But the piston rings have too much clearance Starting to remove carbon, oven cleaner helps!
In dirty shape... This needs to change! The new bike with the engine I need!
Starting to work on the bike, maintenance! A little view on the situation
This is a check for how the cams are placed Everything removed!
There were 12 shims that needed replacement! No wonder that it made so much noise... This work could not be done without removing all parts. Besides the shims also the camchain was tensoined.
This is a hole where a bolt was put through to fasten the camshaft bearing. It work though... Time for fresh brushes, these were beyond their limit (under) and I still had some on stock, of course!
This is what the spare bike looks like Not too bad, and it rides good as well
But the engine is what I need, so here goes... A bit of work, but I really wanted my own frame
Here is my stripped spare bike The engine is placed in my frame. Black is good!
Only the exhaust was put back on, the carbs with K&N filters were placed back on the "new" engine Last night rebuilding the bike. It really looks a lot better now and it's ready for more testrides
This oil seal was punctured. The problem is temporarily solved with a bicycles inner tire and some 2 componants glue. It is not the best thing and only holds for 2000 km I found out. But it did the job on the holiday!
This picture was taken in the Czech republic. I had a lot of fun with the other engine, it responded good and besides the oil seal leak I did encounter more problems. The third gear is slipping and on the way back home the dynamo stopped working. But, we made it thanks to Albert Zweiradcenter in Arnstein, Germany.