Bart's Honda CB900F Bol D'or

Bought in December 1999, since then several changes were needed (and others still are). The bike is a 1981 model, it has been imported in 1982 from Germany. The bike is in constant progress and rides better every year so far. Click on the pictures to know more about what happened over the years so far.

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First few pictures since the purchase.
And the first tyre to schreds!

The tuning session part 1 (80+ bhp)
Revising the brakes to FZR-CBR combination
Tuning session part 2 (87 bhp)
Temporary engine 2008
A big question mark for the newes pictures of this bike. It's going through a big change.

These 10 years that the bike has produced noise and pleasure have resulted in a new plan. A complete rebuild. Engine, frame, suspension, wheels and also the intake of fuel will be altered and taken to a higher plan.

Pictures will be up, but first some things need to be sorted. There's parts all over the place!
List of changes on the bike:  
1984 Honda VF1000F front wheel
1991 CBR600 brake discs
1984 Honda VF1000F rear wheel stock brake disc
Both fitted with Pirelli Sport Demon tyres

1994 Yamaha FZR600 master brake cilinder
1984 Honda VF1000F rear brake caliper
1984 Honda VF100F customised brake caliper bar
2003 Spiegler front and rear brake hoses
1994 Yamaha FZR600 clutch lever
2007 Homemade choke lever under the seat

YSS progressive front shocks
Front end fork brace
Koni stereo shocks
YSS stereo shocks

Full engine revision @ 48.000 km
CB900f 1983 engine mounted @ 98.000 km
Laser K2 Performance Exhaust system
Vance & Hines Performance Exhaust system
Ceramic Coating (Speedline Coatings) on downtubes

K&N seperate airfilters
Dynojet stage III tuned carburators
Tuning at testcentre Ritzen
Tuning at testcentre Tovami

2002 Suzuki SV650 headlight
Small blinkers
Homemade refined footrest mounts
Lowered front mudguard
Homemade refined rear mudguard
Renewed buddyseat
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