Bart's Honda CB900F Hornet

Bought in November 2008, because the CB900f is going through some changes and won't be on the road for quite a while. I was looking for a reliable ride that would provide enough pleasure for some weekends and perhaps a holiday here and there as well. First I looked at the Moto Morini Corsaro, but word is on the street that you only make that choice when riding in dry weather.

That didn't do it for me. I did like the agresive look and the BHP that bike provides. This 2002 Hornet 900 has "only" 110 BHP with it's downtuned Fireblade engine but the looks are good. It is fitted with a K&N airfilter, a wide and low handlebar, aftermarket mirrors and crash pads in front of the engine.

Nice and massive
Ready to go!

Great front end
K&N inside!

After riding the blue basterd a year or so, it became clear that it would stay a little longer. So here goes the first modification after the homemade numberplate holder...

My first wheel striping. In white, as black really wouldn't make the difference...
There's a first try for everything they say... Master at work! What a determination!

I guess the result is pretty good, it really brings out the wheels and now the looks are fast, too. Next thing... Better exhaust and perhaps a power commander...