Bart's Aprilia Tuono Factory

A few years of enjoying Honda's some might think it's time for a change. And why not something different? Instead of a naked four-cilinder based on a ultimate racer like the fireblade it's now time for a naked two-cilinder based on the supreme Aprilia RSV mille. Not really interested in fairings, Bart thought this would be a better deal.

The factory type is more impressive with the Öhlins front fork and rear suspension. Also the OZ wheels, much carbon parts and the impressive Akrapovic exhaust are nice details. Comparing this to other bikes it really has great ergonomics, it's definitaly build for large dudes as well, other bikes don't always fit that well.

Test ride 1
Test ride home

Looking happy inspite of the weather
A sound to easily get used to!

The weather was not that good so far, it was February. But as long as there's not too much ice you can have fun. And now... Let the thunder roll!

As soon as the better weather kicked in, more fun hit the road again and again. Definitaly a great choice to ride the pasta-machine. But when you got a warrior machine you need to dress like one. So there we go, hunting for a suit that fits the bike and the man. Not that easy at all, but at Damen Leathers in Breda you can design your own suit...

Watcha lookin' at? Nice design I guess!

A pair of matching gloves...