Kawasaki ZXR special

December 2007:
Of course things are added to the list... I bought a 1993 ZXR-400 frame and a complete wiring harnass for the ZZR600. What a deal! Also via internet I found a 2006 R6 swing arm with shock. Not bad, right?

Difficulty is now started. Fitting! It just does not really fit yet. There is enough space, but the mounting brackets are all away from eachother.
This swing won't be used electrical stuff for the zzr600
These carbs are in good shape! Even the rubber intakes are flexible
First the swing arm, then how to fit the shock, the engine and the old swing arm on the frame (not bad fitting!). Then the R6 swing arm and shock with the ZXR400 frame.

It looks like it's OK, but in real I first have to find somebody that can make me an inner tube that fits the ZXR400 swing arm axle. That one measures 20mm while the R6 swing arm axle measures 25mm.