Kawasaki ZXR special

January 2008:
Looking around for Yamaha R6 parts on the internet. There is so much to find it is hard to choose or tow work through the supply of it. Some things I trust on buying through E-bay in various countries around the world. But for more delicate matters I prefer to see it first in real. As goes for the fairing.

Eelco has bought a 2006 R6 last year with a lightly damaged fairing. For him a good buy as he wanted to replace it with a race replica fairing set. And for me a good buy as I want to paint it anyway. Damaged are only a few spots lightly, easy to repair. And the headlight fairing has a little crack which can be glued without notice.

While we (Juul and me) were there I took some more photo's of Eelco's bike. I hope he'll send me more as I'm interested in how it turns out!
The fairing set complete In detail the R6 is really cramped into the frame
Just for the idea I took some pictures
from the settings of the rear shock
In the ZXR frame this is the way to place it Headlight assembly is to be fixed like this
The pictures above show the 15 U.S. dollar brakelight. Amazing what you can buy your gear for! And it works on a 1975 Honda CB400f as well.

The other thing my postman brought was the radiator, also complete for not too much dollars. Some other stuff that I expect soon are the front and rear wheels and the rear brake system.

I also have contacted Willem who cuts and grinds axles, brackets, etc. He's busy now with the zxr400 swingarm axle to fix it in the R6 swing arm. Pictures coming up next time!