Kawasaki ZXR special

April 2008:
It has been quite some time since something really was done on the bike. Or with it. I did manage to buy some more parts of this bike. But am still waiting on a set of wheels to arrive and a subframe. Also the front end I have not yet obtained somewhere. And the last thing is a gastank. I should be able to get hold of one soon so I can start with the setup of the subframe, rear shock, etc.

But so far, so good. I still am quite busy on other bikes to get ready for the coming holidays so it's not that I don't have anything to wrench on! And I really want to take care of this bike in a way that costs are low and there's no pressure on this project. I still have good hope I will be able to make the first testrides around autumn this year. We'll see!
a freshly bought brake system from Germany

The swing arm tube with inner tube ends to match the swing arm axle in the ZXR400 frame
Of course, front seat! No rear seat on this bike!
Last part of the full bodywork, light works!
Here are a few pictures of Eelco's R6. Eelco is the guy I bought the original bodywork from, he now changed looks of his Yamaha to racing style.

Looking very mean, it's always good to see a bike turn into something that matches with the owner!