Don's Suzuki DR500

The internet is a good place to find another bike for Don. He wanted this one to have more of a dirtbike. So the big voyage to Northern Africa has found its' first victim!

The only thing that needed to be done was a new clutch cable. It appeared that all bearings were new, too. Installed by the previous owner.

It's an old thing, from 1985, but sure as hell looks good with a wooden hammer! The bike rides like it should, very flexible. It has a 6 Volt electrical system, a taillight and of course a mirrow in which you can see Jack...

(anyone cares who that might be?)
According to these pics you can see that it rides and can hold a lot of stuff. After composing this all at Don's place, we drove it to Tom's and there we welded, saw, cut and did more to finish it all up.
Flat black, what else! Wiring up is done by Tom, a specialist in this area. After this, testriding is next!