Don's Honda VFR750

Project bikes are always the best to invest your spare time in. Amongst many, our motorclub is no different. Don is therefor very fond of this bike, it needs not too much attention so other projects don't get jealous on this new ride that he bought in spring 2008.

The V-four engine is quite a strong one, it fills you with pleasure when you pull the throttle and the bike rides very steadily. All in all a machine that is made to ride many hours a day.
The black fairing with the two headlights give the bike an image that you can't mess with it. So does the driver, heheh... It still has the standard exhaust, but that will be solved later on. First important thing is to ride it a lot. For that part this VFR has passed!

During 2012 a feeling rose, it was at first undescribable but also unmistakably there. Something was up with too many cilinders. Detaching 2 out of 4 sparkplugs really couldn't do the trick Don thought. In search for a potent 2 cylinder engine he went looking... So time to part with the VFR was coming. Winter fell and the rest is history.