Gerdjan's Kawasaki ZRX1100 (1998)

  For a few months this associate has tried to conceal the new black monster for us. In spring 2011 Gerdjan has bought this new ride because he heard about a mean green fighting machine. But Erik already had a green one, so black is beautiful. And that's right! Size does matter, is another thought in many minds, so getting upward from the 750cc Honda is a big change.

Here are a few pictures, in no particular order. They have all been made in the weekend of the Ardennenoffensief 2011 (check our gallery). A good weekend to meet new people and their motorbikes... See you next time for more posing pictures!

This machine's qualities:

-everything matt black
-unknown dark exhaust
-golden riser bar
-fancy mirrors
-trunk for beer
-smoke rear light
-smoke blinker lights
-more golden details
(will be replaced in time)