Jessica's Suzuki Bandit 600

On a nice afternoon Jessica wanted really bad to go for a ride to try on a few rides. They had to be lean and mean. a Duc Monster, e.g. Thing was that this was not an easy class to find.

So we fueled up (Jessica rode on some borrowed shadow. After a few hours of riding we found two bandits and a Duc in one place.
shadow.jpg (16661 bytes)
bandits3.jpg (16944 bytes) bandits2.jpg (17574 bytes)
bandits1.jpg (16262 bytes) After testdriving the green bandit we found a few spots too many for our like. The black one besides it was kinda spotless, there's the deal. It lacked a good exhaust (read open) but that is fixed.

After riding around with it, we added a Laser exhaust, nice full sound. It rides very good, through all Europe...
Above: on the Timmelsjoch in Austria. Left: Jessica in the Chech Republic