Jessica's Yamaha FZ6 S2

Sometimes you need more, or less. Or both! Jessica had ridden her Bandit for about 6 years and noticed that she needed to completely drain the power out of it in order to compete with the guys.

This is due to the fact that when she bought her Bandit it was the newest motorcyle in our group, and now everyone upgraded the rides. So we went looking for another one, a FZ6 S2 came up on our path. Weighing only 200kg and with 100 bhp she now has a more challenging ride!

As you can see, we took this excellent motor from "an island" northwest of us. Also brought home a Z750 with quite a funny licenseplate.

This Kawa was also an option, but this bike was not ment to carry a pile of luggage. It was a great ride with K&N filter, power commander, Akrapovic exhaust and more fancy things...

Under you can see the two rides together, one is really an upgrade. The other is not bad at all, but certainly the design is 10 years older.