Juul's Honda CB750 (1978)

During the whole month of June 2007 Juul was busy with his special FZR660 project. But of course riding would be great too since it was summer. A cheap ride was found in the CB750. The bike was in good shape, had not many kilometers (miles, USA version!) and runs really smooth.

But some things needed to be done. The camchain was tightened again and the starterclutch bolts were loose. This provided a lot of noise, but Bart's experience was that it did not damage anything and also was easy to fix. After riding a while the battery was not charged, this appeared to be the rotor and a loose connector. Easy fix again, when you know where you should look. So yes, it took us a little while!

For now this bike will stay this way, it is kinda cheap, but provides a fun ride. The FZR660 still needs some attention, and who knows what comes up next!

But of course ideas are born. Think about a different paintjob, wheels as well. Maybe orange but then again maybe not. Another exhaust is a must, this one is still original and in perfect shape. If you want to make a deal on that, contact us!