Yamaha FZR Tuning Session

In order to legally roam the streets of Europe and surroundings, Juul needs to drive a 25Kw motorbike. It's by the states' order. They think it is safer that way. We know better, it is safer! (j/k Juul...)

Anyway, Thursday 23rd October is the day to tune the bike to it's full max. legal power. By installing the 25Kw kit on your own it seems the bike really didn't like it either. It didn't run properly. We found out that too much petrol entered the carburators. By giving it more air this was reduced, but now it had a lack of petrol. Here we replaced the fuel jets (again).

This tuning session was made at Ritzen in Weert.

 Not sure if it all works out... Aint that a broken ignition coil holder?
Starting to get things together.  The test runs.
 A closer look.  More riding indoors.
 The results.