Yamaha FZRR6 special

Driving The FZR600 for a while the thing really had an ache to modify itself. And taking Juul with it a couple of times. Of course this is no fun at all, something needed to be done about that. Since it is a ride from the early nineties, things are a bit dated and old on this Yamaha. So Why not try and alter it with newer parts from the Yamaha R6 from this millenium?

Besides parts as front fork, rear swing, brakes, wheels etcetera also some engine work could be done. Just to give it a nice boost. After heavy homework Juul came up with the plan to place a Yamaha Thundercat 600cc cilinder and pistons. This would give the engine 60cc more, which is a 10% gain. This adds up to the power but also the torque!

This was going to be be a one of a kind ride. But still with the original fairing, to suprise others. And it sure looks good on the bike. Place it besides a standard FZR600 and the differences are huge. In the end the bike rides like nothing else as well, mission accomplished!

The bike:
Yamaha FZR600 1992 frame
Yamaha R6 2005 rear swing arm & rear shock
Yamaha R6 2002 front forks
Yamaha R1 2004 calipers & braided brake hoses
Yamaha R6 2002 wheels

Yamaha FZR600 1992 casings, crank & gearbox
Yamaha YZF600 2002 cylinders, pistons, conrods
Yamaha YZF600 2002 cylinder head & racing camshafts
Programmable ignition (CDI)

Fuel and air:
Yamaha YZF600 2002 airbox modified with K&N filter
Yamaha YZF600 2002 carburators
Dynojet stage III

Vance & Hines SS2R full system
Laser silencer without baffles

Result: 107 BHP @ rear wheel

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