Juul's Kawasaki ZX10R (2009)

After a good winter of dreaming, Juul has found the perfect ride for 2011. A great looking, grave-digging ZX10R. One big bike that really does all the tricks with just a twitch of your finger.

Compared to his former FZR-R6 special, this bike does everything at only half the RPM. And it has more left. After roughly a month we can say it's a winner! Great performance, very steady and the track record will have to be build up during the season...
After riding this machine for the spring and summer months he really got into the cornering abilities. This animal loves the track and that showed off. Juul really booked a lot of success on various circuits in Belgium as well.

Unfortunately he crashed the bike when going for a test run with his girlfriend outside. No, it was all about riding motorcycles... She drove a FZR 600 and went looking for either a ZXR-6 or a YZF-R6. During the testride something unfortunate happened. Luckily she was unhurt. Juul came off not too bad with a broken collarbone and a busted ball, hence the dent in the tank.