Juul's Kawasaki ZX10R (2011)

Juul had some great fun with his former Kawa in 2011 but unfortunately the bike had to be put down. Obviously much to his regret. On the other hand, a new one was found in December again and bought a green one together with an orange 2007 ZX6R for Evi.

The 2011 type really looks much different from the 2009 and has more electronic features and gadgets that would probably make it more controllable on the track. Maybe I can find Juul to write a little bit on the technical details later on.
As you can see, the most interesting part is that these Kawa's live together with their owners on the second floor. It was quite a hassle to get them up by the main staircase so instead they used the lift.

Once there, it was time to fiddle around. Juul has altered quite some things on this bike in order to have more fun with it. One thing that we needed to change with three guys was the front sprocket into one with 16 teeth. We had a steel bar of 1,5 meter fitted on the wrench and when the nut finally went we thought it was the wrench at first...