Honda CB125

May 2005:
Tim went looking for a CB125 that he found for sale. He came home with it, it was in original condition. Something you won't see often, and after that day no more in Boxtel's surroundings.

June/July 2005: Starting to work on the bike, all extras were removed, big blinkers, the huge taillight, speedometer. Cleaning up the rest resulted in by accident removing the paintjob a bit. Tim decided to blast the tank both out and inside (rust in tank) for a new paintjob. Not a good idea, after spraying it hammerite blue the tank appeared leak.

pretty good air-filter Look at the state it is in!
just waiting to be altered  

August 2005: Together with Don they worked on the bike, it's engine was not working, the camchain was loose and needed attention. After opening the engine no problems were found. Adding new oil was the job really. Just the carb needed some good cleaning as well as the gastank.

No longer it's leak, it's got a coating inside and a primer on the outside. Untill the tank is ready, Don's Suzuki DR600 tank is adapted.
  waiting for the carburators...
What about this view, the
Honda looks like a camel