Tim's BMW R100 RT (1982)

This boxer used to be what we call a lazy chair. Everything you didn't need was added to make sure you wouldn't notice you'd ride a bike. Tim was disgusted by all the addings and changed fairing, an odd looking original seat and more shit for money. With which he bought himself a cafe-racer seat.

We were even scared the camera would break with the original fittings, so there are only pics with the bike in progress. Along you can see that a homemade exhaust system was mounted, a steering bar from somewhere, braided steel hose brake system. This beauty came from a beast and is now cornering streets everyday. Of course a lot of maintenance still is done, it handles with pleasure.

A lot of help in welding came from Arjan, Tim's colleague and friend. He also has a very nice place where you can work on motorbikes, cars, tractors etc.

Above: the exhaust was made with glas-wool, problem is the wool is gone within the hour. The sound gets better though!!!

Look at those homemade bents in the exhaust system, a break-through in BMW design!