Tim's Laverda SF750 (1974)

A fine day, early spring 2007 Tim decided for real to get rid of the CB125 that he sold to a family member. And also to seriously loose the R100RT. He made a deal with a guy that had a Laverda SF750 special.

Special because it is not a very standard motorcycle with Ducati pistons that provided 850CC instead. Also the bike is completely tuned to race with and that has been done up untill a few years ago. It still runs really good, only a bit lean in low RPM.
Many pictures have been made already. A selection will be made to point out the special sides of this machine. In the meantime, Tim is collecting parts for the rebirth of the machine. As you can see, a lot of work still is to be done to make it look good and that type of work simply needs a lot of time.