Circuit Mettet 17 September 2010
Well, there we go. There's a few ingredients that you need to make a day perfect. First is Chinese food, although that comes last most times. Second, gasoline and enough black rubber on your wheels. Third, a motorcycle with the fun-factor for you. Or would that be a bit more important than number two?

Anyway, together with a dry day and a closed circuit we had really much fun on the circuit. For Juul it was a new track, but he had some more practise this year. Bart however took his first time round. Both were filled with adrenaline and bravoury during the day. Of course. The guy on the blue Hornet took a little trip in the pebbles, but no damage. Other than that it was a great day!

Jessica and Evi arrived later in the afternoon to see some rounds of the boys. And they were really amped up to check the local Chinese restaurant. Their main reason to drive 240km of course!