Oldtimerfair and Show

13 January 2008 we went to Rosmalen to see some old stuff. It was a good day for a ride and we went to check out if we could find bikes that we didn't know about yet. And we did find them!

Although many old materials were found, a little setback was that much of these two-wheelers were mopeds, or very close to them. A little plus was that also paintbrushers were there to show off and even a guy that sandblasts glass. Really cool thing!
Too expensive for three wheels? We knew they made mopeds, haha!
A Batavus Whippet Tigerlook A genuine belt drive
WTF??? Levi's made only jeans we thought... Finally an English version instead of Indian
Some stuff heheh... what's in a name!
Sorry to post a transport vehicle with all those wheels on it. But we thought this was the only way to show one. It turned out quite nice!

Left here is a paintbrushed painting with the text of System of a Down's "Chop Suey" that we think is a great song! Big up for the artist, he had some great stuff that we like.