Fighterama 2004

Another year has passed, so out we went to Rheinberg, Germany. This time with Arno, Bart, Don, Jessica, Juul, Kim, Tim and Tom. Arno didn't plan it, but never got far away. His bike broke down.

Of course Bart knew the way, so only about 50 km we drove around for nothing. Plus point was that we did pass a gasstation where they sold us coffee. From there it was only 30 minutes when we arrived.

We had a good time at the fair. Didn't buy much besides foods and drinks. Still we enjoyed looking at the bikes. And missing the shows, we were eating... On the way back we were very lucky Juul decided to only crash himself and not any others, although we took some trouble with avoiding him. He just scarfaced his bike a little, nothing too much he proclaimed.