Oldtimer races Barneveld 2007
A beautiful day in July 2007, the 28th to be precise, it was. Don and Aniek had heard of oldtimerraces in chicken-city (Barneveld) that would be great to attend. So they went on and had a really good time seeing them oldies roll by.

Best thing was too watch, but the next best was the sounds they created. Really rough. Also the speeds they would go by with were quite amazing.
P1020719 P1020725 P1020727 P1020729
P1020730 P1020743 P1020750 P1020751
P1020755 P1020756 P1020761 P1020763
P1020764 P1020775 P1020780 P1020783
P1020784 P1020785 P1020786 P1020792
P1020794 P1020797 P1020801 P1020802
P1020803 P1020806 P1020807 P1020809
P1020811 P1020813 P1020814 P1020815
P1020816 P1020819 P1020820 P1020822
P1020823 P1020828 P1020829 P1020831
P1020832 P1020833 P1020834 P1020836
P1020837 P1020838 P1020839 P1020840