Tour de Limbabwe Part 1
16 September 2007 was a great day to hit the road. We started off drinking coffee at Bart's and Jessica's place. Why not, it was hot stuff there. After that the first stop was pointed. It would be Maaseik, just in Belgium, but there they would serve coffee too. Hit the road!

The riders were:
Pascal (ZZR1100), Juul (CB750), Tom (K1200RS), Jessica (GSX600N), Bart (CB900F), Thomas, John, ... (Ducati 996, Ducati 888, Kawasaki EX500).
After the delicious coffee Bart knew the way he thought. We ended up in a mining area between rocks, sandhills and no future. We got back on track due to Tom's TomTom. From there it went better... And Tom made some pictures...
One ride
One photographer
One more ride
So there we went... We drove all along small roads all the way to the area right of Maastricht. Where we met some great cornering roads and of course another cafe. As it was pretty warm outside we needed some refreshments. And a kroket sandwich. From there the Duc's and the Kawa 500 drove back home for a bbq. After we push started the CB750, power was getting less there more and more.
Of course not all the fun was over. The route was not nearly halfway. So we went on to see the most southern part of it. In Noorbeek. We had more fun underway and relaxed a lot while driving these small roads. There we decided to go onwards to Gulpen where Tom would go home for a meeting.

With four of us left (Jessica, Pascal, Juul and Bart), we needed another break. Something to drink in Gulpen. We talked the talk, grabbed our bikes and headed home. Pascal left a little earlier as he had to drive a little further north.
From there the three of us drove towards the highway to have a little bbq ourselves back in Boxtel. But the highway was not pleasurable. We went on the route national in Belgium towards Antwerp and from there took the first turn to Eindhoven/Valkenswaard.

The CB750 didn't like riding no more. Stopping somewhere we adjusted the rpm a little higher. Then in Valkenswaard it stopped for real. So the next day we took it on a trailer back home. a real empty battery was the cause.

And the best part is that we didn't finish the route yet... So here it is, all in color. To be continued... Bye folks!