Name: Don   Current bikes  
      1978 Yamaha SR500  
  Nick: Thunderbox   1997 Honda VFR750   
  I can clean up everything in no time, really no time!   1980 Yamaha XT250  
      2009 KTM SMT 990  
  Social Security Nr: 123.456.789    Previous bikes  
  Milk quote: available on request   1986 Suzuki DR600  
      1985 DR500  
      1991 Yamaha FZR special  
      1977 Honda CB360  
      Ah well, we'll see what comes next...  
      Beer in whatever kind of container, talking  
      nonsense and chasing midgets.  
  Mental age: equal to a 3 year old chimp
  "Famous" quotes  
  BBQ experience: several years more   - Scratches don't make your bike ugly, it already is!  
  Target weight: 80kgs   - Life's short, so count on reincarnation!  
      - Get yourself a midget whenever you can...