Name: Gerdjan   Current bikes  
      1992 Honda CB Sevenfifty  
  Nick: Mr. Late Again   1998 Kawasaki ZRX-1100  
  Sorry, I'm too late to explain, can we go on?      
      Previous bikes  
  Social Security Nr: Not socially secured!   none as known of yet  
  Milk quote: A complete farm (in the old days)      
      Just keep going, even if the rabbits shoot  
      back during hunting   
      Buying tools and do too many things so none of  
       them will be finished according to plan.  
       "Famous" quotes  
      - We work to live and we live to enjoy!  
  - Let’s try it, we’ll see what we get…  
  Mental age: 15 1/4
  - It’s better to be wrong and optimistic, then to  
  BBQ experience: Eversince eating with hands    be right and pessimistic.  
  Target weight: twice as much as half