Name: Hugo   Current bikes  
      Nothing, but I'll start in September 2015  
  Nick: Sir Fallalot      
  Because I do. Fall. A lot!   Previous bikes  
      Only mopeds, but they did make some good noise  
  Social Security Nr: I'd really have no clue...   due to their "good" exhausts.  
  Milk quote: +/- 1 ltr, depends on the mo(u)rning      
      Vrouwen, je kan beter bier brouwen... En dat doe ik  
      dan ook!  
      Beer, woman, cigarettes while drinking. Did I  
      mention alcohol before?  
       "Famous" quotes  
  - Living from glass to glass  
  Mental age: -25
  - A dirty mind really is a joy forever!  
  BBQ experience: 30 odd years   - Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!  
  Target weight: 75 stone