Name: Jan   Current bikes  
      Nothing, everything is currently sold  
  Nick: Mister Jan      
  That's just it. But never ask why!   Previous bikes  
      1980 Kawasaki KL250  
  Social Security Nr: something-something-some   1977 Honda CB125S  
  Milk quote: totally unavailable   1980 Yamaha XT500  
      198? Honda CB450  
      Who needs stores when you can create stuff with  
      trash you have at home?!  
      Water and filters. I also like to go to the zoo and  
      watch monkeys. And I like eating many pepernoten!  
  "Famous" quotes  
  Mental age: around 13
  - As long as the bike is rusty!  
  BBQ experience: 4-25 years   - Let's go eat pepernoten...  
  Target weight: 78.5