Name: Olga   Current bikes  
      Just sold my KL250 in Morocca  
  Nick: Ollie      
  No reason, also not as reference to skateboarding.   Previous bikes  
      a far too big Honda CB750  
  Social Security Nr: same as IQ (0000.00.000)   1980 Kawasaki KL250  
  Milk quote: The healthy purposes of milk are      
 generally overestimated!
      Life is what happens to you while you make  
      other plans   
      Coffee, hugs and kisses and travelling on bumpy   
      "Famous" quotes  
      - I should have been a blonde  
  - Be happy with little things!  
  Mental age: 16
  - Don't take it too seriously  
  BBQ experience: Yes, and loving it!   - Everything will be fine!  
  Target weight: 65kgs