Name: Pascal   Current bikes  
      1978 Honda CBX1000  
  Nick: Bolletje   2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200 "Smokey"  
  I bounce like a ball and you never know where to.      
       Previous bikes  
  Social Security Nr: unloved makes unknown   1991 Kawasaki ZZR1100  
  Milk quote: Ow! is there a doctor in this room?   1992 Honda CB500  
      Nothing is too far, I need to get there now!  
      Enjoying sports to the extreme.  
      "Famous" quotes  
      - Riding motorcycles requires good hiking boots  
      - Loud pipes save lifes!  
  - Faster than a speeding ticket!  
  Mental age: sometimes 4, other times over 50
  - Cut the crap, burn the rubber  
  BBQ experience: Since I was sperm   - Motor error, we need more beer  
  Target weight: enough for my bike   - The world is too small so let us do the duckwalk.