Name: Tim   Current bikes  
      2004 Yamaha TDM  
  Nick: Toolman      
  I collect and use every tool I can get a hold on!   Previous bikes  
      1977 BMW R100/7  
  Social Security Nr: neverheardof   1995 BMW K100RS  
  Milk quote: Two gallon!   1982 BMW R100  
  1974 Honda CB125  
      1974 Laverda SF750  
      1990 Suzuki GS450  
      Live long enough to try everything you like!  
      Try to make everything work better.  
  "Famous" quotes  
  Mental age: 18.5
  - I still got a bit of rubber unused...  
  BBQ experience: 30+ years   - I can weld everything  
  Target weight: plus 5 kilo   - Fire is cool, start the barbecue  
      - Beer! Give it to me fast!