Name: Tom   Current bikes  
      2000 BMW K1200S  
  Nick: Tommygun      
  Ask my old schoolmates about that...    Previous bikes  
      1986 BMW K75C  
  Social Security Nr: totally unknown   198? Soesiki GN250  
  Milk quote: None whatsoever   1984 Yamaha XT600  
  1981 Suzuki GS450E  
      Fuck 'em before they fuck you  
      I have the need for speed, a computer disease, I  
      like gadgets, sex (not on the last place) and BEER!  
      "Famous" quotes  
  - Life sucks and so do I  
  Mental age: 12+ on a good day
  - Fuck your mother in the ass and eat her brains out  
  BBQ experience: very surely there!   - Say what? Just ride!  
  Target weight: 68. Kilo that is.